Casino Bonus Guides

Once you register with an online casino you are usually in for a treat in form of online casino promotions! Most of these bonuses are very generous, as they are meant to entice new players while keeping existing ones playing. Some casinos may even award new players with over $500 worth of casino credits in one lump sum.

Casino Bonus Guides – What’s behind them?

Ever wondered why an online casino would offer you so much free credit on their platform? The key is to look at the Casino Bonus Guides of the site which is giving you the bonus. Most tend to ask for a turnover of that money. This turnover is basically how many times you wager that money at the very same casino.

Casino Bonus Guides - How do they work?

Say a casino asks for a 25 times turnover of the bonus you accept to receive. That means that if you received a bonus of $100, you need to play that over 25 times to a total of $2500. How? Well, you will make winnings during your gameplay and you use that money to reach the required turnover.

Different Turnover For Different Casinos

In the Casino Slots Bonus Guides, you will also need to find out what games apply to the turnover. You will find that slots usually hold a turnover of 100%. You play slots worth $100 and all of them count towards your turnover. However, if you take a small break from slots and play $10 on Roulette for example, where only 50% counts toward the turnover, then only $5 of those $10 will be considered.

When Can I Withdraw My Bonus Money?

Each casino has its specific rules. However, in general, the point at which you can withdraw any amount of your Casino balance is the moment you reach your bonus turnover. The system will automatically mark your accrued winnings and release whatever balance is in your account for withdrawal. It’s all up to you then, if you want to keep the balance on the site and keep on playing, or if you want to go out and use that money on other ventures.